Amazing Jackie as a global online store platform. In order to help you to establish an online shop in a short time easily, we are committed to providing a full range of e-commerce solutions, including online store, social media promotion, POS system, WhatsApp Business, Barcode scanning etc. The management model is very simple and easy to use. Our platform connect both online and offline system, achieve O2O sales model.

1 - Dual platform for reaching different customer groups

Website+Mobile applcation

Dual platform for reaching different customer groups

Amazing Jackie is the first one-click creation online shop platform with mobile application function in Hong Kong. Using push notification, you can increase the purchase intention of customer more easily.

2 - POS system,Combine your database both online and offline

POS system

Combine your database both online and offline

Difficult to manage online and offline payment?

By using our POS system, the latest store information will be automatically updated and stored.

Combine your online and offline databases to make your inventory records more accurate.

3 - Appointment system,Suitable for service industry

Appointment system

Suitable for service industry

For teaching and service industry, E-commerce also is a potential way to build and extend their business development.
Amazing Jackie has an online service reservation system, it makes your online shop function more comprehensive.

4 - Member Points System

Member Points

Suitable for service industry

Regular customers support is very important. By using membership system, customers can enjoy member points redemption function.

5 - Multi-payment methods

Multi-payment methods

Suitable for service industry

For you to expand your business more conveniently and quickly, we have muti-currency support for non-local customers.